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Joggle Straight or Curved Parts

XtruJog Photo 4.jpg

No need for part-specific dies

Standard set of inserts can joggle most 90° L- and T- section parts

Quick change inserts for C-, Z-, and other cross sections


Standard manual machine ($100k) includes:

  • Handwheel control of joggle length (0-2"), depth (up to .25") and angle across bend (0-20°)​

  • PLC control of joggle cycle

  • Standard set of jaw sets can joggle any 90-degree T & L cross section

  • Delivery: 6 months ARO with 50% down payment

XtruJog Photo 5.png
XtruJog Photo 6.jpg

Joggles curved and straight excursions

Eliminates part specific tooling and dies

Easy compensation for springback

Eliminates Press Brake or Punch Press setup

Eliminates need for tooling storage

Saving machine time and floor space

XtruJog Photo 3.png
  • L- & T-cross sections:

    • Height up to 4" (H)​

    • Width up to 2.75" (W)

    • 0.375" max thickness​​

  • C-, Z-, and other cross sections with size specific inserts

    • Height .875" (H)​

    • Total Width up to 2.25" (W)

    • All typical sheet thicknesses and fillet radii

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