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With technologies dedicated to the forming, milling, and joggling of extrusions we are able to provide full, tool-less manufacturing solutions to best fit your needs

About Us

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FT team exhibited machines at WITS

October 17-19, 2023

Fairmount Technologies has been in business since 2008. We are an advanced manufacturing company focused on the development of technologies that will revolutionize the manufacturing of components produced from extrusions. FT has developed a suite of metal forming and machining technologies for the Aerospace and Defense sectors focused on the rapid manufacturing of airframe components without tooling or heat treatment. Together, these technologies provide a full solution for forming, machining and joggling of raw aluminum extrusions all the way through to fully finished parts, while reducing lead time and costs associated with traditional manufacturing.

Fairmount Technologies operates using a ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D Registered Quality Management System. 

Technology Lineup


Stretch-roll forming (SRF) is a patented, numerically controlled metal forming process for stretch forming extrusions to arbitrary geometries, embodied in the XtruForm (XF) machines. XF machines use CNC programs to stretch bend straight extrusions to programmed contour. XF produces parts with stress residuals and geometrical accuracy comparable to those achieved by stretch bending but yield significant cost savings as well as a number of other advantages and new capabilities compared to traditional stretch bending.

To see these technologies in action, CLICK HERE


ExtruMach is a tool-free extrusion machining technology, embodied in XtruMach (XM) CNC milling machines that utilizes a precision controlled universal feeding fixture for supporting and guiding curved extrusions while they are drilled, trimmed or profiled in one setup. XM is a 4-axis CNC mill with a small machine footprint utilizing CNC Flow Through Processing™ to eliminate part specific fixtures and enable Just-in-Time manufacturing.


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XtruJog (XJ) is a CNC joggling machine that utilizes universal die blocks for hot and cold joggling of curved and straight extrusions, eliminating the need for part specific tooling and dies. Using CNC control, XJ is capable of forming a vast range of commonly encountered joggles on many commonly used extrusion cross-sections while saving on setup time and floor space.


Advantages over incumbent processes enable up to 

95% reduction in cost and lead time for producing spare parts and prototypes, and up to 50% cost savings in serial production of airframes.

Tool-Free CNC™ processes:

  • Eliminate tooling (dies and fixtures) and tooling storage

  • Simplify manufacturing steps

  • Eliminate resource intensive steps, such as chemical milling and heat treatment

  • Enable rapid fabrication of one-off components

  • Enable the ability to form and machine unlimited length extrusions without tooling or heat treatment, greatly increasing agilit





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1845 Fairmount St.
Beggs Hall, Room 107
Wichita, KS 67260


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